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Exploring ideas and issues impacting the arts and cultural sector. | Twitter: @DevonAkmon


  • Jim Harvey

    Jim Harvey

    Taking end of summer solace in La Vuelta

  • Kate Haley Goldman

    Kate Haley Goldman

    Preoccupied by research and evaluation on tech, new media and informal learning. Co-owner of Audience Viewpoints Consulting.

  • Lonely Planet

    Lonely Planet

    A glimpse into the digital products and creative ideas that power Lonely Planet. And perhaps the odd travel tale.

  • tjowens


    A Digital Archivist with @ndiipp at @librarycongress digital history | games | online communities | tweets = my opinions not employers.

  • Clay Farris Naff

    Clay Farris Naff

    Science & Religion Correspondent, The Humanist magazine. Opinions expressed do not represent the views of any organization.

  • Karen Chambers

    Karen Chambers

    Biking and writing here there and everywhere.

  • Jesse Johnston

    Jesse Johnston

    Archives, Musicology, Information Science, etc

  • Ghostly


    Art + Artifice since 1999. Ghostly International / Spectral Sound / @ghostlystore

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